Our Standard Package: Fixed Monthly Price Per Store, With Zero Commissions

Website Ordering Widget
The widget will add a “See MENU & Order” button to your existing website, empowering consumers to start sending orders your way
Sales Optimised Website
We provide you the option to have a mobile friendly web page generated for your store [or branch, in the case of store-chains]. You can use an existing website domain or purchase a new one from us if required. Everything is designed to generate more online orders.
Facebook Ordering
Integrate the menu into your Facebook page, giving customers the option to view it anytime, anywhere and conveniently place orders for pickup and/or delivery
Mobile Ordering
With its mobile friendly interface, our service also works well for mobile devices, thus ensuring your customers can conveniently order from anywhere they are
Real-time Ordering
We keep your customer engaged while you review the order and display the order confirmation in real time
Order For Later
Allow your customers to order now and schedule a later pickup or delivery. This way you can take orders 24/7, to be fulfilled during your defined pickup and delivery hours
Table Reservations Widget
The widget will add a “Table Reservations” button to your website so that customers can easily book a table in advance.
Order Ahead for Reservations
When enabled, this feature allows customers to order food in advance when making a table reservation
Run a Promo or Coupon Deal
Now it’s time to offer your customers that promo deal such as Discounts, "Free drink on orders $50+" or "Buy one, get one free".
Full Service Management
We setup everything for you and will manage the menus, promotional offers, etc. so your energy remains focused on keeping customers happy.

Premium Service Packages: Add-On Subscriptions

In addition to our standard subscription package, we are pleased to offer the following optional premium add-on subscription services:

Advanced Sales Promos

Run multiple active promotions simultaneously. This service plan also allows for the creation of discounted combos deals and fixed-priced meal bundles

Branded Mobile Apps

Recommend a branded app to those food clients looking for a native installation on their smartphones or tablets. This restaurant app includes app store listings with your logo branding.

Accept Online Payments

Connects the ordering system with your payment gateway (PayPal). This way you can accept online payments from your customers directly - i.e. the money does not pass through us.

On-Demand Consultancy Services

Facebook Business Page Creation

If you would like to offer your customers the option to order from you via Facebook, but do not have a Facebook page for your business, then we can create one for you, with the option to also provide periodic maintenance services.

Facebook Advertising

We can help with targeted Facebook marketing to build public awareness that customers can "Order Online", as well as to advertise any special sales promotions that you may have from time to time.