Implementing Your Online Ordering System

Ready to take your food business to the next level with online ordering? You can get there by following these easy steps...

1. Sign-up With Us

Your journey begins with sign-up. You can:

2. Create Company Profile

Once enrolled, we'll create your company's service profile, starting with the basics (business name, address, etc.), pickup and/or delivery, plot your store's location on the map, set the opening and closing hours, etc.

3. Create Your Menu

Simply send us your menu items with relevant photos, along with any promo or coupon deal, and we convert it to a format ready for interactive online ordering. We also update and maintain the menu for you.

4. Install Restaurant Order Taking App.

Each time an order is placed, you'll receive a notification. You'll have 3 minutes to confirm it, while we keep your hungry client busy. Installing the app is quick and simple and it will ring whenever your customer places an order

5. Add Ordering Button to FB & Website

All that’s left at this point is to add the “See MENU & Order” button on your website and Facebook page to turn that web traffic into loyal customers by directly engaging and monetising customer visits to your internet properties

6. Testing & Go-Live

We will send test orders to ensure that things are working as desired. Then it's your time to shine! Make online ordering a core element of your day-to-day workflow and help yourself in securing the future of your business